Liverpool’s Chinatown district, located in the heart of RopeWalks and home to one of the oldest Chinese Communities in Europe, is very much the bustling hub of activity enriched with that community vibe and energy that any modern day visitor would expect to find there.

Famous for its enormous Chinese Archway, which is the largest in the World outside of mainland China and a not to be missed photo opportunity, superb selection of Chinese restaurants, the cultural buzz that comes with experiencing Chinatown in full flow and the many festivals and events that take place there throughout the year, culminating with the renowned Chinese New Year celebrations, Liverpools Chinatown is a must visit in on any trip to RopeWalks.

The trade links between China and Britain via the ports of Shanghai and Liverpool were instrumental in the establishment of a Chinese community within the city culminating recently in the twinning of the two international Cities. The Chinese Archway is therefore known as ‘The Friendship Arch’ and signifies these strong links between Liverpool and Shanghai.

The first vessel arrived in Liverpool direct from China in 1834. The first wave of Chinese immigrants arrived in 1866 with the establishment of the Blue Funnel Shipping Line a branch of the Holt Ocean Steamship Company, which ran a line of steamers directly from Liverpool to China.

When World War One started, there were up to 6,000 Chinese seamen in the British Merchant Navy and around 1,500 of them were based in Liverpool and at one point in the 1940’s there were up to 20,000 registered sailors from China’s Shanghai, Ningbo, Shandong, Hong Kong and Singapore in RopeWalks.

As year went by members of the Chinese community no longer restricted their business interests to Chinatown and spread throughout the Merseyside area. During the 1970s Nelson Street became the new hub of Chinatown that remains today and the business area extended further throughout Ropewalks into Berry Street, Duke Street and Upper Pitt Street.

Today Chinatown has more than just busy restaurants. It is also home to many other successful businesses with wholesalers, travel agencies, legal and accountancy firms catering to the needs of the local community. Many Chinese cultural and community groups flourish here too.

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